Online voting is important and Votta helps you achieve your online voting needs with the following features;
  • Voter anonymity: voters cannot be linked to their choices ensuring security and transparency of the vote.
  • No vote duplication: Voters cannot vote more than once for the same position
  • Voters can only vote in the elections in which they are part of the voter base.
  • Secure voting: votes can only be cast by an authenticated user.
  • Simple voting: Voters only have to click one button to cast a vote.
  • Bulk user insert: insert all your organization's users in one go so you are up and running asap.
  • User management: easily manage system users, for example activating and deactivating users.
  • User grouping in divisions and sub-divisions: Create divisions and sub divisions based on your organization set up.
  • Run elections for specific divisions or sub divisions only.
  • Bulk divisions/sub-divisions insert: Get up and running in one go with bulk insert feature for divisions and sub divisions.
  • Manage elections: Create, edit, update, delete elections.
  • Manage posts: Create, edit, update, delete election posts. Attach posts to an election.
  • Manage candidates: Create, edit, update, delete candidates. Attach candidates to the posts they are standing for.
  • Set start and end dates for elections: The election is only accepts votes during its validity period.
  • Pause elections: Pause an election while it's still within the voting period. No votes can be cast while the election is paused.
  • View election results: view results of elections as while they are still running.
  • Transparency: Vote timestamps are recorded.
  • Reports: view results of past and ongoing elections.
  • Export election results to Excel.
  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Well designed UI that makes the system easy to use and intuitive.
  • Responsive design based on Bootstrap 5.

Project information

  • Category: Web
  • Client: In house product
  • Project date: 17 Oct, 2022
  • Project URL: To Project

About Votta

Votta is a perfect tool to for your online voting needs. The system will work best in a school or organization set up where you need to run simple elections among the staff like class president, employee of the month, best dressed puppy etc. It provides a nice clear UI that is easy to use and navigate. If your are a school, organization or business, you and your staff/students will enjoy using Votta for elections in house.

Tech Stack

  • PHP 8.1.0
  • Laravel 8
  • Bootstrap 5
  • JQuery 3.2
  • MySQL 5

Make Votta E-Voting System Yours



  • Application Files
  • Documentation
  • SQL Database File
  • 3 months Support
  • Customization



  • Application Files
  • Documentation
  • SQL Database File
  • 3 months Support
  • Customization